Staying Focus on Your Goals

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It’s September 2, 2016 and I just realized that Perfection in an Imperfect World still exists in the blogosphere. The crazy part about all of this is the fact that my last post, College Taught Me: Friends, was posted exactly 1 year ago today. Is that a sign or what? Then to top it off, I come back to analytics that show that people are still viewing my blog as recently as two days ago! Well let me give a mini life update. Since my last post I have experienced tremendous growth and change. I have started a job at a new company, moved 3 hours away from family and friends, matured in my relationship, developed my sense of style, and finally realized my next step in life. It’s crazy to think that all of this was accomplished in a year’s time. I would like to think that I am adulating fairly well, but recently I had to have a talk with myself. Although I hear often “you are doing well to only be 23” I realized I cannot limit myself to where I currently am. I have bigger dreams to accomplish, lives to change, schmoney to make, and a legacy to leave behind. Currently I have found myself being way too content with life, and decided to share a few things that I have done to keep me motivated and constantly striving for more.


  1.  Create a space that motivates you. I had to go through a whole phase where I redecorated my room. I found that whenever I got home from work I wasn’t enthused about the space I was going back to. Once I redecorated and made it more appealing to me I found that I was more motivated to get things done. A simple thing such as reorganizing or redecorating can make such a huge difference. If you work better at your desk, then jazz up the area! Find a color scheme that you enjoy and an organizational method that you can go by so you aren’t surrounded by clutter which is another factor that can impact productivity.
  2. If you find yourself always forgetting, then it is time to write it down. You know the saying “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”, well that applies here too. Stop fooling yourself into believing that you will remember that small task that you need to do when in the past you have forgotten multiple tasks that you trusted your brain to remember. Its time you just write it down or in my case set a reminder on your phone. I never utilized Siri before like I do now. I find myself always asking Siri to remind me about something on a given day and time. What I have found out though is that I don’t even need Siri to alert me of my tasks anymore because somehow by assigning the responsibility of remembering to something else other than myself, my brain now works over time to compete. So I wake up knowing I have something to do, but guys don’t be fooled by this. The moment you think you have a grasp on this remembering thing and neglect to write it down is the day your brain decides it’s time to go on vacation. Spare yourself the trouble and get a journal or make use of that reminder app.
  3. Have an accountability partner. Being a true Pisces woman that I am I don’t trust many people but once I trust you I truly trust you. I’m a firm believer in not broadcasting your plans too early to everyone because it can get into the wrong hands and the enemy of progress can come and hinder your plans, but you do need someone that is looking out for you, knows what it is you want to accomplish, and constantly reminds you of your plans when they see you are going astray or becoming too content in your situation. For me, those people are my boyfriend and my mother. I know those two want nothing but the best for me and want to see me succeed so I trust them with personal goals and dreams because I know they will be praying in my favor and not against me. If you don’t have someone then I suggest you find someone but if you find it hard to trust people like I do, then I suggest you go back to point 2 and WRITE IT DOWN! Make a poster of it, frame it, have sticky notes on your mirror, alert yourself every day, do whatever it is that you need to do to make sure that you are constantly reminded of your goals.
  4.  Become a prayer warrior. This is something that I am still working on in my life. Prayer changes so many things, and I’m not talking about regurgitated prayers you learned when you were 6 years old, but a relationship with God where you can talk to him openly about everything as if you are talking to a friend. What I’ve learned is that prayer doesn’t have to be structured or loud but it can be just as powerful when it’s made personal. If you are having problems with remaining focus then talk to someone that can do something about that, God. I know my flaws and I ask him to intervene and change that about me. Being that I was raised by a mother who prayed I know the impact prayer can have on your life. I am currently reading this book called The Battle Plan for Prayer by Stephen Kendrick and Alan Kendrick. It basically discusses prayer and ways to improve upon your prayer life to become that ultimate prayer warrior. Once I complete that book I will try and write a book review.
  5. Put your goals first. All my people that have a full time job this is for you. You can easily find yourself so wrapped up in work related stuff that you put your own goals aside. Now if you are working at a job which you see yourself being at forever and securing that job was your ultimate goal then this might not be for you, but still I encourage you to find something that you are passionate about to do on the side or even something just to improve self. Okay back to the point, we can get to this stage of going to work, sometimes working overtime, coming home and the day is over. We do nothing to better ourselves and our life revolves around work. I found myself in this situation and had to give less of me to work and more of me to myself. One thing I do is that I don’t do overtime unless I truly have to, so once 5pm hits I am out the door and I am no longer thinking work. Another thing is stop answering emails when you are off! I don’t understand this whatsoever. If you email me work related stuff past 5pm you probably won’t get a reply until the next business day and same with text messages. I am not getting paid six figures neither am I the owner of the company so I shouldn’t be bothered on my personal time unless you cutting me a check. Thing about this is that it means when you are at work you should be as productive as possible. Plan out your day when you get in and don’t stop working until you knock everything off your list, but please do take lunch. I repeat DO NOT skip lunch even if it’s just a snack.



So these are five great ways to improve your productivity, get out of a place of contentment, and strive for your goals and dreams. I know this can be hard and even harder if you work a full time job and/or have a family but always remember you are more than your current situation. This post ended up being longer than anticipated but I think I got everything I wanted to share out. Writing this post was such a stress relief and hopefully I am able to stick to updating this blog more often than once or twice a year. Maybe I should make a goal and use these steps to remind me to be more active on my blog? Hmmm lol. Hope you enjoyed a nd if you want to chat some more I am available through email and twitter which you can find on the sidebar.

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