Short Relaxed Hair YouTubers


Lately I’ve been getting more and more questions regarding my hair so I decided to make a blogpost highlighting great relaxed pixie cut YouTubers that I learned a lot of my techniques from. Now with YouTube blowing up and everyone trying to get that YouTube check you have to be able to weed out the good ones from the bad ones. Sometimes I watch some of these videos and be like what’s going on here? Like sis, what are you doing to your head? Then you come across amazing YouTubers who are able to produce salon quality results right at home. So before I dive into my list I’ll give a brief history of my journey.

On January 2013 I made the decision to cut my hair, and I can honestly say that was one of the best decisions I made. When I got home from the hair salon I realized that I did not have the cash to be going to the salon for upkeep every two weeks being that I was a college student at the time, but I was not about to be walking around with my hair undone. Nope, not going to happen. So I turned to YouTube to learn more about maintaining and styling short relaxed hair. I was always handy with my hands and knew how to braid and do a quick sew-in with no problems so I figured it can’t be that hard to learn short hair techniques. Three years later and I think I have it down packed. There’s always room for improvement, but I’m going to leave that to the licensed professionals.

Now let’s get to this list! If you have short hair and don’t want to be consistently spending that check in the salon or you’re still thinking about whether to cut or not here are some channels to check out.

  1. Kaye Wright – Now Kaye has to be one of the most consistent and realistic short hair YouTubers. When I say realistic I mean she talks about maintaining styles throughout the work week, because let’s be real who has time to do a fresh mold and style every day when you have a career.
  2. Faceovermatter (Jayln) – Let me just say everything be popping with this girl: hair, makeup, turban, etc. I think her hair is natural right now but you can go back and view some of her old styling videos.
  3. TheHaiRazor (Ayana)- Ayana is the only licensed stylist on this list. She does beautiful pixie cuts and does a great job educating people on hair health and maintenance. She’s based in Atlanta so of course she is on my list of stylists to pay a visit to so they can work their magic.
  4. Lorissa Turner– Lorissa is relatively new to the YouTube world but she be killing it with the curly/wavy styles. Her video quality is amazing and her makeup is always on point.

    I think these four ladies are a great start to anyone starting with short relaxed hair! One thing I will say is if you’re getting that initial cut or color I suggest going to a professional first so you’re not walking around here with a botched hair cut.

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