2017 is the year of doing things on your own.

Today, people can’t fathom going to restaurants or movies by themselves in fear of judgement from people that they don’t even know. It is as though we have been programmed to believe that in order to go places and do things you must have someone with you or it didn’t happen. I’ve lived that life of wanting to go somewhere and the first thing I do is try to find a friend that can go with me. Read more

There’s a reason for this season

isaiah5811The thing about life is that no matter how long you’ve lived it you still will never master it. Just when you think you have it figured out you get a curve ball thrown right at you, and you’re left trying to piece everything together. I’m a person of thought – I think I can contribute a bit of this to being a Pisces – who finds myself constantly overthinking situations and dreaming about the outcome that I desire. A few failed dreams later and I’ve realized that those outcomes don’t necessarily come into fruition the way I imagined it in my own universe, but one thing is for certain every outcome I’ve been faced with I’ve managed to survive and that’s all that matters. Read more

Making the Best of Senior Year

Senior photoshoot!

Ahh fall has begun! This means Bath & Body Works fall scent candles, sweaters, cardigans, boots, cooler temperatures, and of course a less expensive electricity bill for those out there paying the bills which I’m looking the most forward to. Fall also signifies a time of renewal for many young adults by beginning another school year. I remember the excitement that came with a new school year. You get to see friends that you were apart from all summer, share summer experiences, and begin a new grade. Fall semester is even more exciting when you can finally say you are a college senior. Read more

What’s Your Definition of Beauty?


She soon realized she doesn’t need any validation in order to be beautiful.
Who would have guessed that I would one day cut my hair and love it! During my last two years of high school I had the urge to cut my hair when I started seeing so many short hair beauties on YouTube and all over the internet. As much as I wanted to cut my hair I was terrified that it wouldn’t look nice on me or that I would be made fun of. Oh high school, the years of trying to impress individuals that could care less about you. I’m so glad that I grew up and learned to live life for me. Read more