Back to the Basics


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I remember back when I was younger, I’m talking middle school days, you could always catch me in bed reading a book. Then high school hit and right after that was college and I found myself neglecting one of my favorite past time. Books were my getaway from life and people; it was also my stress reliever during times I felt I was losing it. I could open a book and be in a completely different world or even learn new things that contributed to my growth as an individual. Well as of August 2015 I have decided to go back to the basics. Read more

The Gracefulness that is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


If you haven’t heard her name in the past few months then you have been sleeping under a rock. Chimamanda is a Nigerian born writer whose books have received numerous awards and recognitions. She is the author of Half of a Yellow Sun, which actually was turned into a movie that premiered this summer (I’m still waiting for it to come to Atlanta in August so I can go see it). She also is the author of the book that I am currently reading Americanah. I think the thing that sets Chimamanda apart from other writers now is her fearlessness to write what she pleases. Read more