Short Relaxed Hair YouTubers


Lately I’ve been getting more and more questions regarding my hair so I decided to make a blogpost highlighting great relaxed pixie cut YouTubers that I learned a lot of my techniques from. Now with YouTube blowing up and everyone trying to get that YouTube check you have to be able to weed out the good ones from the bad ones. Sometimes I watch some of these videos and be like what’s going on here? Like sis, what are you doing to your head? Then you come across amazing YouTubers who are able to produce salon quality results right at home. So before I dive into my list I’ll give a brief history of my journey. Read more

What’s Your Definition of Beauty?


She soon realized she doesn’t need any validation in order to be beautiful.
Who would have guessed that I would one day cut my hair and love it! During my last two years of high school I had the urge to cut my hair when I started seeing so many short hair beauties on YouTube and all over the internet. As much as I wanted to cut my hair I was terrified that it wouldn’t look nice on me or that I would be made fun of. Oh high school, the years of trying to impress individuals that could care less about you. I’m so glad that I grew up and learned to live life for me. Read more