I’m no yes woman

Friends. This word is thrown around a lot these days. What exactly is the definition of friends? Is there even one set definition for the word? Does it depend on who exactly is defining it? Friends can be so tricky these days. You never know who is truly around you for you rather than what they can gain. I know that when I think of a friend or a friendship I think of someone that I can talk to about anything and know that no matter what my business will be kept confidential. Also I think of someone that values my opinion as much as I value theirs. A friend will let you know what is correct no matter how “mean” it may sound. I rather hear it from a friend then from the public. 

The funny thing is that a lot of people these days don’t view friendship that way. They rather keep around yes people to make them feel better about their foolish decisions. That’s something I am not. If I consider you a friend I’m going to tell you like it is because I love you enough to look out for you. I just don’t understand why you would want someone that constantly agrees with you around. First of all you guys aren’t growing as individuals if you agree on everything. Life is about compromise and doing things you don’t exactly want to do or feel like doing but it is the correct thing to do. 

I’m realizing that I need to re-evaluate the people that I call my friends. I want people around me that I can grow from. If you don’t value my opinion on topics why exactly are we friends? If you don’t like it when I disagree with you on things, why are we friends? I just don’t want people around me I want the right people in my vicinity. 

The Gracefulness that is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


If you haven’t heard her name in the past few months then you have been sleeping under a rock. Chimamanda is a Nigerian born writer whose books have received numerous awards and recognitions. She is the author of Half of a Yellow Sun, which actually was turned into a movie that premiered this summer (I’m still waiting for it to come to Atlanta in August so I can go see it). She also is the author of the book that I am currently reading Americanah. I think the thing that sets Chimamanda apart from other writers now is her fearlessness to write what she pleases. Read more

What’s Your Definition of Beauty?


She soon realized she doesn’t need any validation in order to be beautiful.
Who would have guessed that I would one day cut my hair and love it! During my last two years of high school I had the urge to cut my hair when I started seeing so many short hair beauties on YouTube and all over the internet. As much as I wanted to cut my hair I was terrified that it wouldn’t look nice on me or that I would be made fun of. Oh high school, the years of trying to impress individuals that could care less about you. I’m so glad that I grew up and learned to live life for me. Read more