Did she just say that?

Looking at the above picture you would think that I am about to talk about the Housewives of Atlanta (which I do love), but in fact when I was watching the latest episode something happened that had me relating to my life and the people around. During the last episode of RHOA, Porsha Williams embarrassed herself and her family’s name (grand-daughter I believe of Hosea Williams) by saying that she thought the Underground Railroad actually consisted of a train. My mouth dropped when I heard her say that, and I was embarrassed for her. But that isn’t what I want to talk about, instead what followed interested me.
After Porsha made this unforgivable statement, Kandi and Phaedra took time to explain to her that there wasn’t a train involved. I just admired how instead of them just laughing at her ignorance and trash talking her they took the time to educate her. I know you guys are like so what’s the big deal. You see I attend a women’s college and the one thing that I have learned while there is that girls are so competitive. Instead of trying to help you succeed I feel like a lot of them look at you as competition and will call you a “friend”, but they will not help you when you need it. I don’t know about you but that is not what I consider a friend. That is why only very few, I’m talking about 4 or 5, I consider are real friends. Everyone else are just associates that I do a quick wave and smile to.
I’m so tired of women knocking other women down instead of helping them. We already get enough of that from our male counterparts, and I just feel like we should stick together at least. This is why when I see another woman doing big things I don’t hate on her success instead I encourage her and support her. So the next time you see a female in need of some schooling instead of knocking her how about you spit that knowledge she needs to hear. Let’s uplift one another ladies.

Get it Right, Get it Tight Babyyy

One of the things that I have been really trying to improve is my physical fitness. Let’s not get it wrong I love my body, but I just want to be more fit and toned in certain areas. Plus I just want to live a more healthy lifestyle period. Sometimes I use the fact that I am in college as an excuse to why I haven’t done any workouts or I’m eating foods that I know deep down inside is doing my body no good. Well now that I realize that I am ready to make a change. I don’t want to be that girl that as a senior I look back at pictures from freshman year and be like damn girl why you let yourself go like that. Nope, not me. 

I’m using a mixture of apps and instagram to keep me motivated. I decided  to go ahead and create a separate instagram dedicated to just fitness. This is where I plan on following nothing but fitness motivators so that when I wake up and login I will have the motivation to get up and get active. Some of the instagram pages that I love are:



If you are in need of some motivation these ladies are awesome and their bodies are SICKKKK! Now the apps that I just recently downloaded are:


I hope to discover more apps that will keep me on track. Also, another thing that really motivates me to workout is workout gear. I love cute little workout outfits; sports bras, shoes, shorts; pants. My two favorite brands are Nike and Under Armour, I just love their stuff.  I just believe that you perform better when you look good πŸ™‚ Here are my new Nike Free 5.0 that I plan to be putting to good use starting today. I really do want some new Under Armour tights so that will be next on my list to get.

So get up, get out, and get fit. Make 2014 the year of a banging body and amazing physical fitness! Make sure to have fun with it though.


I have this love for long dresses that just curves the body in all the right places. Being that I am a pretty tall girl it just accentuates my body. I’m still on the look for the perfect dress for my 21st birthday in March and you can believe I am going to find it. Here are a few dresses that warms my heart: 
Yes. Yes! YES!
Gorgeous, head to toe. Fitted dress, great silhouette, gorgeous natural beauty....ahh, I'm in love with the shape that this dress mimics and creates....total curvature bombshell!
See the picz: Long Dress in Red
Long dress
All of these pictures are courtesy of Pinterest

It’s that New New for You

My very first blog post! I’m really not new to this blogging world, but I was on a hiatus and found myself not making time to write and post. Before I used to always say I don’t have time anymore to blog, but as I got older I realized that it is not about having time, instead it is about making time to do something. So here I am making time to create a brand new blog that will chronicle the rest of my dwindling undergraduate life (I get sad every time I think about the fact that I am about to be a senior).

Nonetheless this blog will be about my growing love for everything fashion, books I am reading, and just everyday experiences. Basically this blog is going to be about any and everything because it is my blog and I can do that, BAM. If you are reading this that means you have ran across my blog and hopefully you enjoy the material you find, toddles πŸ™‚

Thought I would leave with this beautiful picture I captured today when I went to this office. It was so beautiful and soothing plus it had a waterfall hidden behind all of the plants!

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