PhD Life: First Specialized Conference in Indy


Lucas Oil Stadium Home of the Indianapolis Colts

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS) annual conference in Indianapolis, IN. This was my first conference as a graduate student and the first one in which I won’t be presenting work, so I had the chance to take it all in. Read more


2017 is the year of doing things on your own.

Today, people can’t fathom going to restaurants or movies by themselves in fear of judgement from people that they don’t even know. It is as though we have been programmed to believe that in order to go places and do things you must have someone with you or it didn’t happen. I’ve lived that life of wanting to go somewhere and the first thing I do is try to find a friend that can go with me. Read more

There’s a reason for this season

isaiah5811The thing about life is that no matter how long you’ve lived it you still will never master it. Just when you think you have it figured out you get a curve ball thrown right at you, and you’re left trying to piece everything together. I’m a person of thought – I think I can contribute a bit of this to being a Pisces – who finds myself constantly overthinking situations and dreaming about the outcome that I desire. A few failed dreams later and I’ve realized that those outcomes don’t necessarily come into fruition the way I imagined it in my own universe, but one thing is for certain every outcome I’ve been faced with I’ve managed to survive and that’s all that matters. Read more

Short Relaxed Hair YouTubers


Lately I’ve been getting more and more questions regarding my hair so I decided to make a blogpost highlighting great relaxed pixie cut YouTubers that I learned a lot of my techniques from. Now with YouTube blowing up and everyone trying to get that YouTube check you have to be able to weed out the good ones from the bad ones. Sometimes I watch some of these videos and be like what’s going on here? Like sis, what are you doing to your head? Then you come across amazing YouTubers who are able to produce salon quality results right at home. So before I dive into my list I’ll give a brief history of my journey. Read more

Plantain Chips!



A few weeks ago I went home for the weekend to visit my family, and of course my mom made sure that I left with something in hand. Every time I come over she’s always asking if I need this or that whether it be goat meat, crayfish, maggi cubes, etc. I always say yes when she offers especially when I can tell that she went out of her way to get it. Can’t have moms feeling unappreciated. Read more

Making the Best of Senior Year

Senior photoshoot!

Ahh fall has begun! This means Bath & Body Works fall scent candles, sweaters, cardigans, boots, cooler temperatures, and of course a less expensive electricity bill for those out there paying the bills which I’m looking the most forward to. Fall also signifies a time of renewal for many young adults by beginning another school year. I remember the excitement that came with a new school year. You get to see friends that you were apart from all summer, share summer experiences, and begin a new grade. Fall semester is even more exciting when you can finally say you are a college senior. Read more

Staying Focus on Your Goals

I love working with beautiful stationary! 
Learn how to DIY this cute stationary here!

It’s September 2, 2016 and I just realized that Perfection in an Imperfect World still exists in the blogosphere. The crazy part about all of this is the fact that my last post, College Taught Me: Friends, was posted exactly 1 year ago today. Is that a sign or what? Then to top it off, I come back to analytics that show that people are still viewing my blog as recently as two days ago! Well let me give a mini life update. Since my last post I have experienced tremendous growth and change. I have started a job at a new company, moved 3 hours away from family and friends, matured in my relationship, developed my sense of style, and finally realized my next step in life. Read more

College Taught Me: Friends


The day we were forced to adult. My girls.

Looking back at my years in college I can say that I have truly grown and come to understand myself better in so many ways. For one I learned what true friendship really is. I believe that in this day and age the word friend is used too loosely. People will meet one day and an hour later they are best friends. I never understood that logic. I believe that a friendship is just like any other relationship that you may have with your relatives or your significant other in that it truly takes time to manifest. Read more

Back to the Basics


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I remember back when I was younger, I’m talking middle school days, you could always catch me in bed reading a book. Then high school hit and right after that was college and I found myself neglecting one of my favorite past time. Books were my getaway from life and people; it was also my stress reliever during times I felt I was losing it. I could open a book and be in a completely different world or even learn new things that contributed to my growth as an individual. Well as of August 2015 I have decided to go back to the basics. Read more

Post Grad Life



Nnenna Ndiya, B.S.

I’m baccckkkk! So I took yet another break from the blogging life to focus on school and I am proud to say that this past May I graduated from college! Yes I am completely done with the undergrad life and now I am in the real world. Is it okay for me to shed a tear or two now? Although I was excited and ready to graduate I wasn’t quite ready to enter into this world yet. For the longest I didn’t know what I was going to do with myself after I walked across the stage. Read more